interface: hierarchical

An IP address is made up of four numbers (called octets), each between 0 and 255, and separated by dots. (example: By comparison, all computer users will be aware of folders and/or directories, which are typical parts of modern computer operating systems utilized to organize data. The internet IP addressing system can be re-evaluated as a large directory structure (which in many ways is actually the case), considering 256 "folders" at the top level, each of which has 256 folders in it, each of which again has 256 folders in it, and finally, each of which have their own set of 256 folders. These IP "directories", the subset of IP numbers that actually constitutes the Web, can be viewed directly with this interface, and the actual Web sites can be browsed. This visualization allows you to look at the entire Web "as if" it were on a hard drive.
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Access Color Codes:
Not Accessible
Page Not Found / Redirecting
Remote Server Error / Unknown
The colors indicate the response the crawlers got when accessing the server, it might be the response you will get when accessing a server. UPDATE: In 2005 many sites where not accessible at all. See the updated interface 'Migration' for a visualization of how the web has been moving between 1999 and 2005.