• Set a goal: what is the medium, who/where are the collaborators, how will the project be exhibited?
  • Ask for permissions from humans (pet owners, zoo employees).
  • Make contact with the non-human collaborators, investigate their possible interest in collaborating.
  • What are the creative expressions of the collaborator?
  • Study and asses senses of collaborator, how do they see, smell, hear etc?
  • Remove any preconceptions about the species you are working with.
  • Devise precise but flexible methods for process and documentation (and data collection).
  • Establish trust between you and the collaborator(s).
  • Put yourself in the collaborators position.
  • Be open to change.
  • Work from questions, don't expect answers.
  • Be patient.
  • Show affinity and respect towards your collaborator.
  • Be receptive to the collaborator and sensitive to their sensing thresholds.
  • Share the experience, result, documentation etc with an audience.