Google Earth projects from 'Art 122: Google Maps and Google Earth as Artistic Tools and Environments'

Multi-Verse by Michelle Safley
Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3

Multi-Verse is a three-part project consisting of different methods designed to completely transform the Earth. Part one covers the Earth with additional layers of color and topography; part two extends and mutates the Earth into a new three-dimensional form part three blends the Earth in with its surrounding universe. The goal is for each viewer to encounter the Earth in an entirely new way, attempt to make sense of the unusual forms, and ultimately question the possibility of each new world.

At the Roll of a Dice by Heather Sielke

My project is a representation of a trip that I took with my mother and sister all because my mother likes to go on road trips and get lost while driving. On this trip at every red light and stop sign we would roll a dice to decide which direction we would go. I put my iPod on random during the trip to add another level of random. The goal was to get lost and to use Google Earth to make a map that brought the viewer on a fully immersive trip.

The project takes some time to load. Be patient.

Efficient Elevation by Travis Jepson
Slaughterhouse Island, Mt. Everest

I wanted to make a series of structures in an areas that people would not pay much attention to otherwise. The first structure is a space I have spent time over the years, however I was previously unaware of the name "Slaughterhouse Island" being the name of one of the small islands in Shasta Lake. The second structure is a massive facillity on the summit of Mt. Everest. My goal was to make the structure (loosely) believeable, yet have it be outrageously tall and as detailed as time would allow.
One of the main reasons I chose to make the structures like I did was to show our impact on the environment. I wanted to present some interesting alternatives to simply building on land taking up more space, I feel it would be much more space efficient to expand over water (without directly impacting it) and naturally, further into space.