Interlopings: Invasive Species / Endemic Breeds
(2017 - ongoing)

We are dyeing wool with dyestuff from invasive and non-native organisms living on Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands archipelago in California, investigating the complex and intertwined influence humans have on our ecosystems, and the aesthetic, emotional, magical, and medicinal interrelationships between humans, plants and color.

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Interlopings: Invasive Species / Endemic Breeds is a project by Lisa Jevbratt, Professor and Chair, Department of Art, University of California Santa Barbara and Helén Svensson, Artist, Stockholm, Sweden

With contributions from Julia Ford, Amanda Hackelton, Jennifer Harman, Soren Johnson, Lizzie Lewis, Lynn Moody, Elizabeth Oriel, Barbara Rosén, and Sydney Wylde

The project is supported by a Perl Chase Research Grant from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a grant from IASPIS (The Swedish Arts Grant Committee International Program for Visual and Applied Artists)



2023 (opening date TBA) Interlopings – Experiencing the Warp and Weft of Ecological Entanglements at Chrisman California Islands Center, Carpinteria

12/2022 to 01/2023 Installation at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (Opening Reception December 10)


04/2022-06/2022 Natural Dye Experiments Class in the Department of Art at UCSB

03/2021 The Color of a Weed, a presentation and workshop in Textiles from Home, a conference organized by the Center for Design and Material Culture at the UW-Madison School of Human Ecology.

03/2018 Invasive Species/Endemic Breeds – A Sensorial Mapping of The Channel Islands, a workshop/gathering at the Art, Design and Architecture Museum at UCSB