The Stillman Projects provide systems for automated, individual and/or collaborative information filtering. These systems aim to aid in the increasingly difficult task of navigating in large hypertextual spaces like the WWW as well as generate alternate contexts for the navigated information. The projects' conceptual platform could be found within the discourse of the emergence of intelligent reactive info-scapes. The application of the projects adds an innovative and informative feature to web sites of all kinds.

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Stillmanized sites:
  • A Stillman Project for The Walker Art Center - The WAC in Minneapolis was hosting a Stillman Project from November 1998 to May 1999 commissioned by Gallery 9/Steve Dietz. The project extends the basic functionality of a stillman project, see description on the site for reference.
  • Switch - The new media art journal of the CADRE Institute of the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University, was the first site to host a Stillman Project on the World Wide Web in August of 1997.

    Art Of The WWW no. 2 (Fall 1997): Mandatory typing.

    Art and the Military (Winter 1998):
    A users color is selected based on the top level domain suffix of the client computer. Users from network domains not geographically located within the territory of the United States of America were (when this was the current issue of Switch) upon entry of the site asked to submit a relevant domain suffix.
Stillmanized versions of sites (Not the official sites. If YOU want to see YOUR site stillmanized, see offer above):

  • Chik Tek: A fully stillmanized version of the Chik Tek web-site.
  • Yahoo!:Typing and slipping on bottom of page.
  • C T H E O R Y: Only the index page is stillmanized. For typing click on "A Stillman Project", slipping on bottom of page.

Sponsors: The CADRE Institute

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Lisa Jevbratt The Stillman Projects written thesis

Updated February 1999