The Stillman Projects/Simulations

These simulations are provided to illustrate how a rgb-stillmanized link changes color depending on how a cookie is set. When you choose one of the colors on top of the page, a cookie is set on your computer indicating your choice. When you activate a link on the page, the link will (just as a stillmanized link on an ordinary page would) become slightly colored with the color you picked. While an ordinary stillmanized link will lead you away from the page containing the link, these simulations bring you back to the same page after it updates the link color on the document on the server. If you set your browser to check document on server each time it is requested, you will see the change without reloading, otherwise you have to reload the document. If the links are all the same color, you might have your browser set to disregard color settings in a document or you might not be using a Netscape browser. The simulations also aim to show how meaning is generated from the collective action of activating the links. Notice how images occur in the first simulation and new sentences in the second, and keep in mind that it is the actual html document that is changed. Everyone that is accessing the page makes changes on the same document.

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